2020-2023 Corvette C8 Components!

City of Industry, CA (November 2, 2020) – General Motors introduced the new C8 platform Corvette in July of 2019. This eighth generation Corvette has a totally new look and configuration with the implementation of a mid-engine powertrain. The Anderson Composites Research and Development team spent no time getting their hands on this new Corvette for new product creations. We have developed a new carbon fiber front splitter lip, Type-OE hood, mirror covers, rocker extension panels, replacement roof panel, door handles, side air ducts, rear hatch, rear hatch side vents, rear sensor mount, rear spoiler and rear diffuser fins.

The hood, roof, mirror covers, door handles, air ducts, rear hatch, hatch side vents and rear sensor mount will be made of dry carbon fiber for the best weight reduction and fitment. The newly designed front splitter lip, rocker extension panels, rear spoiler and rear diffuser fins will be made with a vacuum-infused process by skilled craftsmen and will have a high luster, show-quality finish. All of these body components will fit to the factory locations with OE hardware.

All vacuum-infused carbon fiber parts are made of high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber twill fabric and high-grade marine resin which provides the best fabric-to-resin ratio which results with the best fitment and finish. Our dry carbon components are manufactured with pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabric and an autoclave. Pre-preg material uses less resin, which optimizes its strength and reduces weight. Our hood, roof and rear hatch will retain the matte finish typical of the dry carbon process while the remainder of carbon fiber parts will be covered with a gloss clear coat to match the look of the vacuum-infused components. The end result for the C8 will be a reduction in weight, quality fitment and a complementary matching surface finish for all the essential carbon fiber components.

C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Components:

  • Vacuum-infused carbon fiber front splitter Type-OE (SKU # AC-FL20CHC8-OE) offers enhanced front aerodynamics and has a high luster finish
  • Replacement dry carbon fiber roof (SKU # AC-CR20CHC8-DRY) weighs 7.6 lbs.
  • Dry carbon fiber Type-OE hood (SKU # AC-HD20CHC8-DRY) is lightweight, has a matte finish and mounts in the factory location with the OE hardware
  • Vacuum-infused carbon fiber rocker extension panels (SKU # AC-SS20CHC8) fasten in the factory OE locations and retain a quality high luster, show-quality finish
  • Dry carbon fiber mirror covers (SKU # AC-MC20CHC8) (Pair), are factory OE replacement with a gloss clear coat
  • Dry carbon fiber door handles (SKU # AC-DH20CHC8) (Pair) are factory OE replacement components with a gloss clear coat
  • Dry carbon fiber side air ducts (SKU # AC-SC20CHC8) (Pair) are factory OE replacements and utilized the OE hardware for proper fitment and have a gloss clear coat
  • Dry carbon fiber rear hatch (SKU # AC-TL20CHC8-DRY) is lightweight and mounts with OE hardware and retains a matte finish
  • Dry carbon fiber rear hatch side vents (SKU # AC-DSV20CHC8) (Pair) are factory OE replacement parts that have a gloss clear coat and are functional with removable screens
  • Dry carbon fiber rear sensor roof mount (SKU # AC-DA20CHC8) is a factory replacement for the OE camera option
  • Vacuum-infused carbon fiber rear spoiler Type-OE (SKU # AC-RS20CHC8-Z51) Z51 design mounts in the factory location with OE hardware
  • Vacuum-infused carbon fiber rear diffuser fins (SKU # AC-RDF20CHC8) (Qty: 4) fasten to the factory OE rear diffuser and have a high luster show-quality finish
  • The vacuum-infused process uses high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber fabric and marine-grade resin with UV inhibitors for the best fabric-to-resin ratio
  • Dry carbon fiber process uses pre-preg carbon fabric with less resin and pressurized in an autoclave for reduced weight and increased strength properties

About Anderson Composites

Anderson Composites, located in the heart of Southern California, specializes in carbon fiber body panels for late-model domestic muscle vehicles. A focus on performance and quality differentiates Anderson Composites from the competition. Each product is designed to not only look incredible but also offer performance advantages such as weight savings, enhanced cooling and improved aerodynamics. The Anderson Composites brand was launched by a handful of SoCal automotive enthusiast to pool their passion and knowledge of domestic muscle vehicles and provide fellow gearheads a new source for late model domestic muscle vehicle components. This vast collection of experience compiled from years of grassroots and sanctioned motorsports (road racing, drag racing, off-road racing and even some motorcycle racing) is driving some of the most innovative lightweight body parts which are both aesthetically stunning and functional.  Anderson Composites has robust resources to manufacture carbon fiber and fiberglass products through the latest technologies and best practices. Anderson Composites capabilities and proprietary processes can be tailored to meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket as well as private-label projects. You can learn more at www.andersoncomposites.com.