Anderson Composites receives numerous questions about our products. We have technical tips and frequently asked questions. Our YouTube channel has installation videos to assist you.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, or would like further assistance, please contact us via e-mail: Sales@andersoncomposites.com or call us at 1-626-333-7024, Monday- Friday, 9-5:30 Pacific Standard Time.


Do I need to have a professional install my carbon fiber components?  We highly recommend a professional that is experienced with fiberglass and carbon fiber components perform installation for a quality fit. 

Can I paint over carbon fiber?  Yes, you may paint over our carbon fiber components provided the surface is prepped correctly - free of dirt and grease etc. Consult with a professional painter for recommendations.

Can I add a protective film to carbon fiber?  Yes, you can add protective films to our carbon fiber components to help protect against abrasion and road wear. Consult with manufacturer or installer for recommendations.

Can I add a custom wrap to my carbon fiber?  Yes, you can have wrap material installed on your carbon fiber, however, too much heat used for installation or removal can damage the resin surface. Consult a professional installer for recommendations.

Can I add ceramic coating to the carbon fiber?   Do not ceramic coat the carbon fiber components without consulting a professional installer. Many ceramic coatings require heat to cure. Verify that your installer does not use heat in the coating process.

Do I need to install hood pins?  Yes. All hoods require hood pins for safety reasons. Anderson Composites will not be liable for any damages to the product and the vehicle caused by not properly using hood pins. We offer hood pins on our website.

Do I need to remove OEM hood struts when installing a composite hood?  Yes. We always recommend the factory hood struts be removed when installing a composite hood. Factory struts are rated for a heavier hood.

Do I need to use a heat shield when installing a composite hood?  Yes. Anderson Composites requires the use of heat shields capable of withstanding radiant temperatures up to 2000° F and direct and continuous temperatures up to 300° F  for all carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods. Heat shields help avoid pre-mature aging of the product. We offer heat shields on our website.

What is colored carbon fiber?  Color tinted "carbon fiber" fabric is made with Kevlar. Anderson Composites carbon fiber fabric is woven with 3k 2x2, 100% carbon fiber, resulting with a black and grey appearance. We do not offer color tinted carbon fiber components.

Do you have hood, decklid and rocker installation videos for reference?  Yes. Please visit our YouTube channel to view applicable videos for hoods, decklids, rocker panels, spoilers and fenders.

Do I inspect the product upon delivery?  Yes. You have 24 hours to make a claim against the shipping company if the product is damaged. View our video here.

Buyer must inspect the packaging and the products carefully upon receiving them, even if the carton appears to be okay. Then accept the shipment and notate any damages and irregularities, such as crushed, torn, punctured, or broken parts on both the packaging and the product, on the freight bill or receipt at the driver’s presence. Buyer must retain all cartons, packing materials, and damaged products for the carrier’s damage inspector to inspect. Do not refuse shipment or return it without approval, because the buyer’s right to make a damage claim may be denied. A signed receipt without any notation indemnified the carrier as well as Anderson Composites from any further damage claims. Discovery of damages after a clear delivery becomes the responsibility of the customer.

I received a part that is damaged, what do I do?  Contact the dealer and Anderson Composites as soon as possible. Document the product and box with at least 3 photos and email them within 24 hours. Email photos and information to: ShippingDamage@andersoncomposites.com. Add tracking number as the subject line.

All damages must be notified to carrier and the dealer within 24 hours. In cases of damage with proper notation on receipt, the carrier will determine whether to pay for repair cost or replacement value of the damaged goods after damage inspection. Replacement value is the amount the buyer paid to the distributor and is not negotiable. All disputes about the settlement amount should be addressed with the carrier. Anderson Composites, under no circumstances, shall be liable for the damaged product or for subsequent settlement of the claim with the carrier.

Guidelines to receiving our product available here.

Cracks have appeared on my composite part, is this covered by any warranty?    Cracks are caused by an outside force and not a result of the material we use or our manufacturing process. Common causes are slamming or dropping the hood, decklid or doors, re-installing gas shocks/dampers/struts on hoods and decklids or not installing a heat shield on the hood. Composite products will not sustain heavy force or weight, for they could be cracked by such force or weight.

I just received my carbon fiber part, do I need to clear coat it before installation?  No additional clear coat is required for our wet carbon fiber products. Our carbon fiber parts are manufactured by spraying a coat of marine grade resin with UV inhibitors on the mold, sheets of carbon fiber fabric are laid out across the mold and then a final coat of resin is applied on the fabric before being placed inside a vacuum sealed bag to cure (provides an excellent fabric-to-resin ratio). Once cured, the part is removed from the mold, trimmed and a final coat of gel coat with UV inhibitors applied and polished to protect the surface and increase the high luster finish.

Our dry carbon fiber products do not have the UV protection and we recommend having them sprayed with an automotive grade clear coat with UV inhibitors if you do not plan to have them wrapped.