Hardtop Roofs for 2021-2023 4-Door Ford Bronco

City of Industry, CA (March 23, 2023) – Anderson Composites has designed and manufactured a new fiberglass roof for the Ford Bronco 4-door model. This project has taken many months to review, design and improve the current hardtop offered to Bronco owners. “Our goal was to offer a hardtop to owners that couldn’t get one or did not want to pay a high price from Ford. We designed our hardtop to be a replacement very similar to the OE unit for a ‘plug and go’ operation”, states Zach Bohn, Brand Manager. The fiberglass hardtop is constructed of layered fiberglass and utilizes a honeycomb construction to provide added strength and durability for off-road environments. The fiberglass hardtops will come with a black textured, white textured or carbon fiber finish. Hardtop units will come with OEM Ford weather stripping, tinted side glass, tinted rear window, wiper blade assembly and proper wiring harness to connect to the OEM plugs. The rear window will also include defroster and strut rods. Early production soft-top equipped Broncos may require additional parts from Ford to complete the installation.  The 4-panel roof will also feature our own quarter locks and J-hooks to ensure optimal fitment for assembly and disassembly. The installed headliner incorporates 6 layers of material that includes foam, heat barrier and sound deadener to help reduce outside road noise improve cabin temperatures. The rear hardtop panel features exterior side recesses to accept the optional Ford roof rack assembly. The 4-door hardtop assembly will be offered in all-fiberglass black textured finish, (P/N# AC-HT21FDBR4D-BK), white textured finish, (P/N# AC-HT21FDBR4D-WT) or as special order, fiberglass/carbon fiber option, (P/N # AC-HT21FDBR4D).  2-door owners will have hardtop options in the near future.