Anderson Composites featured in SEMA News

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SEMA News—January 2016


By Steve Campbell

The 2015 SEMA Award


“The Mustang S550 continues to spark the legendary muscle car rivalry and brings it to a global stage with Ford’s international distribution of the car,” said Andy Fritts, marketing manager for Anderson Composites. “The Ford Mustang has great aesthetics and lines that our designers have been able to further enhance for improved performance as well as a more aggressive and customized look.”

In addition to the company’s own offerings, the Anderson Composites Mustang also featured performance products from ROUSH Performance, Whiteline, Eibach, Forgeline and Nitto, with cleaning products supplied by Mothers and tools from Snap-On.

“Anderson Composites looks forward to continuously developing and enhancing the Ford Mustang with cutting-edge carbon-fiber and fiberglass parts and components,” Fritts said.