IN STOCK: Carbon Fiber Components for 2020-2023 Mustang Mach 1

Taking the place of Ford’s GT350, we were introduced to the new Mach 1 Mustang. The new sixth generation Mach 1 features a very powerful 5.0L Coyote V8 with upgraded suspension and lots of performance upgrades. Along with the added performance and appearance options, Ford changed the design of the front end a bit to better distinguish this model from the GT350 lineage.
Anderson Composites is known for carbon fiber aero components and this model proves that point. However, we have taken a further step with the design and manufacture of a completely new double-sided carbon fiber hood (SKU # AC-HD21FDMUM1-SK-DS). This new hood features a fully functional center scoop that directs incoming air to the air box located in the engine compartment. The design took inspiration from the first generation Mach 1 with its iconic shaker hood scoop which would mount directly to the top of the engine and sit inside a cut-out hood, allowing it to “shake” when running. “We wanted to update the overall design, make it functional and bring some excitement back to the Mach 1 name”, states Zach Bohn, Brand Manager. The hood is made of high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber twill fabric and marine grade resin with UV inhibitor and mounts to the factory locations for optimal fitment.

Complementing the hood, Anderson has made a carbon fiber front spoiler (SKU # AC-FL21FDMUM1-OE) and front splitter (SKU # AC-FL21FDMUM1-HP) which is an option upgrade for Mach 1 owners that may not have the handling package. New carbon fiber air ducts (SKU # AC-ADB21FDMUM1), upper grille insert (SKU # AC-UG21FDMUM1) and front fender extensions (SKU # AC-FE21FDMUM1) were also manufactured to make the Mach 1 front end stand out among the crowd. Anderson’s current product offerings for Mustang carbon fiber rocker panels and swing rear spoiler with Gurney flap are compatible with the Mach 1 with handling package and make a seamless look for this high-performance vehicle.

• Double-sided carbon fiber hood (SKU # AC-HD21FDMUM1-SK-DS) fits 2021–2022 Mach 1 models and features fully functional center scoop. Hood weighs approximately 32 lbs., (OE hood weighs 40 lbs.)
• Carbon fiber front spoiler (SKU # AC-FL21FDMUM1-OE) and splitter (SKU 3 AC-FL21FDMUM1-HP) provide enhanced downforce to the front end and are available separately
• Front upper grille (SKU # AC-UG21FDMUM1), air duct bezels (SKU # AC-ADB21FDMUM1) and front fender extensions (SKU # AC-FE21FDMUM1) provide an integrated look to the front end
• Existing Anderson Composites Mustang and GT500 model carbon fiber components interchange with Mach 1 model
• Carbon fiber components are made with vacuum infusion process with 3K, 2x2 twill carbon fiber cloth
• High luster, show-quality finish