2014 - 2015 Camaro SS, 1LE, Z28 Carbon Fiber Hood Vent

Type-OE carbon fiber hood vent for 2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS, 1LE, Z28

*Mesh screen is removable and paintable (equipped with shiny metal finish mesh)

*Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions before placing your order.

Year: 2014,2015,2014,2015,2014,2015,
Make: chevrolet,chevrolet,chevrolet,chevrolet,chevrolet,chevrolet,
Model: camaro,camaro,camaro,camaro,camaro,camaro,
Body: 1le,1le,ss,ss,z28,z28,
Carbon Type:
Product Category: Anderson Composites, Carbon Fiber

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